I apply to my slaves ... Subtle Erotic Domination Extreme Domination Discipline Control Training Instructions ... for Beginners or Experts.

Mijn expertise

Lover's Body Worship (Ass, Legs, Hands) Shoe worship Bondage with (Ropes, Ribbon, Film Paper, Leather Handcuffs, Metallic Handcuffs, Straps etc... Total or partial restriction, Cage Isolation Gag, Deprivation of the senses, Sight, Touch, Taste, Smell, Aud

Wat is me opwindend

Physical and Verbal, Private, Exhibition Publica Public, Suck, Lick Dildos, Swallow Your Semen & Semen On Your Face... deep throat, Sissification

  • Leeftijd: 23
  • Etniciteit: hispanic
  • Taal: en,es,it
  • Borstomvang: tiny
  • Lichaamstype: athletic
  • Seksuele voorkeur: bisexual
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